Dog Grooming Clippers

dog grooming

Even when you've never used grooming your dog clippers, you can learn to use them and save big money over taking your dog to the groomer every couple weeks. Dogs with short or thin fur are easiest to groom in your house. To get started you'll need grooming your dog clippers, scissors, your pet dog brush, and a leash. Ideally, the scissors ought to be reserved just for grooming a dog. The dog hair clippers should be those made for animals only since the clippers used on people aren't sturdy enough to square up to dog hair, which is coarser, and which there's a greater portion of.

dog grooming

Dog grooming clippers is found at pet specialty stores and several general retailers. A puppy who has thick, long, or locks will be more difficult to groom at home. With these dogs, expect your grooming to be more utilitarian than chic. But grooming a dog at home can benefit not just your wallet. Some dogs fear so much groomers and find the experience very stressful. Grooming these dogs at home should be easier on the high-strung dog or one who's easily intimidated.

Prices for dog grooming clippers start around US$35 and go up close to US$200. Clippers may be tied to a single clipping speed, or they've already two speeds. Most of the time, the less hair you'll be dealing with, the less robust your clippers should be. So, for example, a tiny dog with fine, thin hair may do fine being groomed having a relatively inexpensive one-speed grooming clipper. But a large dog with thick coarse hair will probably warrant a more robust two-speed clipper.

Other areas of dog hair clippers that you should consider are whether or not they are cordless and rechargeable, or corded. Again, which has a large dog that you are moving around to do a thorough job clipping, a cordless (higher priced) set will probably save some aggravation. Additionally, you will need to consider how easy it is to change blades on your own clipper. Coarse dog hair can dull clipper blades fairly rapidly, so you'll need to be prepared to put on a clean blade when the old one goes dull. Noise is yet another factor to consider, which will depend on your own tolerance for noise and how nervous or highly strung your canine is around noises.

When you initially start out using dog grooming clippers, you don't want your expectations to be too high. Chances are you'll give your dog a simple, practical cut as opposed to styling him just like a professional would. On the other hand, if you do a beautiful job first time out, maybe you should think about career change! Most people who groom their dogs themselves realize that they're trying to make their dog and also comfortable, not ready for the show ring. But even though you only use dog grooming clippers to maintain your dog's hair and send him to the groomer every six months approximately for a complete workover, you can save large sums of money.

There's a reason dogs are called "man's best friend," and quite a few people want their pet to become clean, comfortable, and the main family. There are plenty of expenses of a dog as a pet, and grooming is one that can really add together. But if you take the time to pick a good set of dog hair clippers and discover to use them properly, you can cut down on grooming expenses over taking your dog to the groomer. And perhaps, your dog will be far less stressed being groomed in their own home. It can be a win-win situation for you and your dog.


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